MEMPHIS – Friday night in Salt Lake City Kenny Lofton Jr. or better known as ‘Junior’ will represent the Memphis Hustle competing against the NBA’s next crop of young stars.

” I’m thankful for my teammates, you know, each and every day. And I’m thankful for the organization and, you know, for my family. I just want to go out there, Utah, play my hardest and enjoy the experience,” said Lofton.

With his bully ball style of play, Lofton’s game might remind you of a former Grizzlies’ great legend Zach Randolph. Junior has made the most of his opportunities, but he’s a walking mismatch every night for the Hustle.

” He’s going to get to it from the rip scoring at will. Imposing his body on guys, so that’s going to be fun to watch,”said Grizzlies forward Dillon Brooks.

In February the undrafted rookie is averaging 25 points and 13 rebounds per game and has recorded one triple-double.

” You know, the first day that he started working out with us. I’ve been really impressed with his habits on the floor, off the floor, but he’s earned it. You know, it’s tons of credit to him and the development that he’s shown the last couple of months,” said Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins.

” You know, he dominates, you know, every single game. You know, everybody in his room and his organization today deserves to be there,” said Grizzlies point guard Kennedy Chandler.

” I didn’t get drafted and I just came with a mindset, you know, just, you know, dominate you know, each and every game, each and every day, practice learning different things. Even when I’m not playing with the Grizzlies on the bench, you know, cherish from early,” said Lofton.