MEMPHIS – The Memphis Tigers running their homecourt winning streak to 15 straight with a win over Wichita State.  While a lot has been made about the monster night put up by DeAndre Williams against the Shockers, 29 points and 15 rebounds, the U of M also got a huge night from transfer guard Keonte Kennedy.

The former UTEP Miner scoring a season best 16 points, with 14 coming in the second half.

Kennedy also went 4 for 6 from behind the line, giving Penny Hardaway the kind of performance he’s been asking for… and this Tiger team needs… moving forward.

“Keonte shot the ball well, he’s been working on that. He was a little, a lot discouraged.  Very discouraged after the Temple game because he had all those open looks and didn’t make them.  But he got in the gym and worked like he always does and had a phenomenal game. 16 points in 19 minutes,” Hardaway said.  “We need him to make shots. I tell those guys to find Keonte all the time so that gives him an opportunity. Shooters need a rhythm.”

“Great seeing the ball go in,” said Tigers guard Kendric Davis.  “I texted him before Temple and told them all the open shots you get, just shoot. If they good shots, just let them go. They didn’t go in at Temple, but they went in today.”

The Tigers now head to rival Cincinnati on Sunday where a familiar face will be waiting.

Landers Nolley, who became a Bearcat this past summer after two years at Memphis, is leading Cincinnati in scoring at over 15 points a game.