MEMPHIS – Big day for Tiger basketball Friday.

Okay, big day for Tiger basketball fans as Penny Hardaway gave us our first look at his new look Tigers.  A team made up mostly of prized transfers, players that took a chance on joining the U of M.

That bet has paid off.

Just a couple of days ago, that cloud of controversy that’s been hanging over Hardaway and his program for almost three years is now…gone.

“Now there’s no cloud,” Hardaway said.  “There’s no other school that can hold that over our head to another kid.”

Hardaway talking for the first time since Tuesday’s decision by the NCAA of a years-long investigation into the Memphis program.  An investigation that led to limited sanctions for the school’s recruitment of James Wiseman. 

Not the worst case scenario that many expected.

No postseason ban and Hardaway fully vindicated.

Now, for the first time in a couple of years, his total focus can be on his team without any outside distractions.

“I just felt like I was standing on what was right. I didn’t know how it was going to come out but just thankful for the outcome.  Of course it did for three years.  It hurt the program because a lot of things were looming.” 

Those prized transfers kept the faith, never doubting in their new head coach.

“I trusted in it from day one or I wouldn’t be here,” Tigers transfer guard Kendric Davis said.  “It worked out in my favor like it always does somehow. We ready to get the work and dominate everybody we play.”