How success is in CBHS running back Dallan Hayden’s DNA


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — Friday marked week five of the high school football season, the halfway point for many. But, you might as well hand the Mr. Football trophy to four-star Christian Brothers running back Dallan Hayden.

What he’s done in four games, most fail to do in an entire season.

“Rush for like 1700 plus, try to make 2000,” said Hayden. “Help my team win.”

Hayden said those are the goals he has set for himself for his junior season. And it’s already been a breakout one, rushing for over 900 yards and 12 scores.

He has a lot of motivation to do so.

Every time he scores he’s raising money for a good cause. This summer he spearheaded the Touchdown for Literacy campaign and he’s already raised more than $18,000.

“I kind of knew that he would do well this year, to be honest,” said Dallan’s dad, Aaron Hayden. “I didn’t know he would do this well.”

That’s big coming from Aaron who was a star running back at Tennessee and played four seasons in the NFL. He’s now an assistant coach at Christian Brothers.

“My bar is pretty high for my kids, but he’s on the cusp of of achieving everything that I thought he could,” Aaron said.

Not only does Dallan have his dad to look up to, he has his older brother Chase, a former Mr. Football, who recently transferred from Arkansas to East Carolina.

“It’s funny but I see more similarities in Dallan and me,” said Aaron. “I think he’s a bigger back. He’s more of a violent back. He hits the whole, he has a next gear of speed. He’s doesn’t have my speed, but he has a decent gear.”

Aaron said although initially he pushed his kids to play others besides football, they couldn’t stay away from the game.

It’s just in their DNA.

“I think it’s just in their blood and they just started and wanted to play,” said Aaron. “I wanted it to be their choice. I didn’t have a problem with them playing. I just didn’t want them to play just because Dad played.”

“I think it just puts me ahead of most other kids because they played at levels that I’m trying to reach,” Dallan said. “They’re able to give me guidance and tell me what I’m supposed to do to get to that level.

Dallan’s well on his way to doing just that.

Hayden and the Purple waved defeated Pope John Paul II Friday night 45-21. Dallan had three touchdowns.

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