MEMPHIS – So much for a sophomore slump.

Three games into his second season at the U of M, Seth Henigan is still dealing.

Thanks to his 360 yard, three touchdown performance over the weekend, Henigan sits top 15 in the country with 940 yards passing and six TD.

That and no interceptions.

What should have Tiger fans even more excited?

Ryan Silverfield says Henigan is only going to get better.

“He hasn’t even scratched the surface of what he’s capable of. That’s what’s so great about him.  You ask Seth, sure he’s playing a great, high level but, are you capable of more? He could rattle off 6000 things. That’s the great thing about him, is he understands what he’s going to be able to continue to develop up,” Silverfield said.  “To say that I knew that he would be able to do what he’s doing. No. If I could foresee that on every recruit, I’d be doing a lot better because I think us and one other school we’re his only Division one offer.”

Saturday, Henigan takes on his hometown school with the Mean Green of North Texas paying a visit to Memphis.