MEMPHIS, Tenn. – With DeAndre Williams in and Lester Quinones out, Penny Hardaway now has a better idea of what he needs to fill out his roster.

A roster that currently has five open scholarships and could be six.

If you’re looking for the next potential transfer target, it looks like Hardaway is very interested in North Carolina guard Kerwin Walton.

The 6’5” Walton started 20 games as a true freshman for the Tar Heels but saw his playing time dwindle last season as UNC made a run to the national title game.

Still, he’s a career 40-percent three point shooter which is exactly what Hardaway and the Tigers need with almost 85-percent of their three point shooting, no longer on the team.

Walton has the Tigers in his final five.  A list that includes Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Kansas State and Clemson.

The other question Hardaway needs an answer to is will Alex Lomax return.

Lomax has still to make his decision and, at best, will be the back-up to AAC Player of the Year Kendric Davis.

No Lomax means Hardaway has six spots to fill.