MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Just over a week after being drafted, the Memphis Grizzlies are set to roll out their newest players Tuesday with the start of summer league play in Salt Lake City.

But while most of the attention will be on the play of Jake LaRavia, David Roddy, Kennedy Chandler, Vince Williams and free agent pick up Kenny Lofton Junior, there will be a trio of players from last year’s roster also expected to take part in summer league.

Xavier Tillman joining Santi Aldama and Ziaire Williams, first in Utah and then in Las Vegas.

Tillman made six starts in the playoffs last year and, last summer, averaged almost 15 points and 6 rebounds during summer league play.  Still, Tillman wanted to be part of this summer run too.

“Just wants to keep playing, wants to keep competing as well. You know, credit to guys who have already, you know, like X, who was incredible already in summer league last year.  Who just takes pride in playing,” said Grizzlies General Manager Zach Kleiman.  “We have guys in our program that want to play basketball, want to improve, want to develop.”

The Grizzlies’ summer debut comes Tuesday night in Utah against the 76ers.