MEMPHIS, Tenn. – In Memphis, it’s all about the grind, and these days, no one knows that better than former Tigers guard Lester Quinones whose pre-draft workouts have him, let’s just say, keeping busy.

According to Stockrisers and confirmed by Quinones, Lester is set to work out for the hometown Grizzlies Wednesday. Eight days before the NBA Draft.

For Quinones, it is his fourth workout in four days for NBA teams as Stockrisers says Quinones worked out for the Phoenix Suns on Sunday.

The Toronto Raptors on Monday.

The Dallas Mavericks Tuesday and then the Grizzlies.

This after workouts with the Celtics, Knicks and Nets last week.

Told you he was busy.

Quinones is hoping his shooting and defense can maybe get him into the latter half of the draft’s second round.