MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Grizzlies fans across the country are rallying behind one of their own as she deals with the effects of being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Meet super fan Jade Rogers, who’s determined not to let circumstances define her. From the moment you enter Rogers’ room, her love for the Grizzlies is on display.

This Grizz super fan will be the first to tell you her admiration for the team runs deeper than basketball.

“I try to carry myself high even when things get tough and climb that mountain, just like the Grizzlies do,” Rogers said.

Rogers has cerebral palsy and has spent several years working toward her goal of being able to walk. This week in physical therapy, for the first time, she stood on her own for 15 seconds and did 15 step-ups.

It was a moment she attributes to taking on the Memphis Grizzlies’ “grit and grind” mentality.

“It’s not just a mentality — like (former player) Tony Allen always says, it’s a lifestyle. I think we can all carry that with us in some small way. It can be something the Grizzlies can give us even when they’re not playing,” Rogers said.

Proud of what she accomplished, Rogers posted a video on Twitter that has been viewed more than 1.3 million times. It even caught the attention of Ja Morant, who encouraged her to keep going.

“That means so much because that is something that I will remember and think about every time I take a step in physical therapy or just every day because those are the things when don’t think you can push yourself any further, it makes you wanna push yourself even harder,” Rogers said.

As support continues to pour in from across the country, Rogers hopes that inspiration behind her post is not forgotten.

“I just hope that one day if someone has never seen cerebral palsy before until they saw my video, that it teaches them, helps them to understand that people who have disabilities, they aren’t define by their disabilities, it’s just a part of their story,” Rogers said.

This is not the first time Jade caught the attention of the Grizzlies. Back in 2015, she was given season tickets by the team.