Grizzlies equipment assistant reacts to getting ‘idol’ LeBron James’ shoes

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Memphis Grizzlies and Hustle equipment assistant Brian’e Miller was going about her job Dec. 8 during the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Lakers game, when a personal bodyguard called her over to NBA All-Star LeBron James, making her think something was wrong with James.

“He was like, ‘LeBron wants to give you his shoes,'” Miller said. “I’m thinking to take back to the locker room because his feet were hurting or something.”

But James wanted to gift Miller a pair of his shoes personally, and Miller broke down to tears. She said this moment meant “everything” to her.

“I never wear his shoes for me to be like, ‘Hey, ‘Bron, look,'” Miller said. “It was mostly just me being a fan, being loyal. I didn’t know he was paying attention to me.”

James noticed that Miller was a huge fan of his. The self-proclaimed basketball junkie said she noticed his “greatness” from a young age.

“To be able to follow somebody throughout the years and see them get better and better as they get older, it was pretty awesome,” Miller said. “He’s a great role model, not just me, but everyone. Especially for black men in the world, he’s definitely a great role model.”

For now, Miller is content with shoes from just James and no other NBA stars.

“That sealed the deal,” Miller said. “I respect other players, but LeBron is my favorite. I don’t have more than one favorite player.


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