MEMPHIS – In the midst of a busy schedule the entire Memphis Grizzlies organization came together to box up Thanksgiving meals for 100 families in need in the Mid-South. The boxes including everything from ingredients, utensils and a holiday turkey.

“We represent the city like, you know, it’s not necessarily a duty. It’s just how our way of, like, giving back”, said Memphis Grizzlies big man Steven Adams. ” I mean, we genuinely want to do this because, like, the fans give so much man. They support us, and make everything really, really good for us”.

“So hopefully it just reminds us of the privilege that we have and the honor being in this organization, in this city with the responsibility to go out there and make a difference”, said Memphis Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins.

Adams’ a native of New Zealand says back home they celebrate holiday’s a bit different than Americans.

” This is your guys holiday mate. We got some other stuff. Way cooler. Way cooler,” said Adams. ” In New Zealand. We kind of just make excuses for the holidays. We all really treated them the same, go to the pub and it’s going to be similar to the Irish. I think we got a similar, similar sort of habits ” Adams said jokingly.

And when it comes to what’s on the Thanksgiving Day menu, the Kiwi doesn’t buy into all of the hype of around Turkey Day.

” I think turkey is overrated. Yeah, yeah. I know, hot take. I really think it’s bad. It’s dry “, said Adams. ” I think it’s the yams. Like these candied yams. One of my teammates, I went to his house and we had candied yams. I felt bad the next day, but it was worth it. It was definitely worth it. It’s good. It was real good “.

Now the Memphis Grizzlies plan on eating well on Thanksgiving buy they can’t overindulge as they have their second meeting with the New Orleans Pelicans, Friday at Fedex Forum.