MEMPHIS – Memphis senior Madison Griggs is the key in the ignition of the Tigers offense, that’s led Memphis to 17 wins so far, under second year head coach Katrina Merriweather.

” You know we walked in and we had these really great players”, said Tigers coach Merriweather. ” It was just a matter of building that trust in those relationships. I think once they believed that we were here to help them have the best career possible, I think the rest took care of itself “.

” Just being anything that they needed me be to win, no matter what it is. Rather that’s shooting, defending, rebounding any of it all the above “, said Tigers senior Griggs.

Home grown in the 901, Griggs has placed herself at the top of the record books, amongst the Tiger greats. Averaging 37 percent from deep in her senior season, Griggs is now the programs all-time leader in made three pointers.

” It feels good that I can leave my mark, just to have my name here and especially since I’m from here, people will be familiar no matter how long it is, that’s just truly blessed”, said Griggs.

” Maddy is always in the gym. I Come in early in the morning just so that I can sit and have some peace and she’s in there. I think she’s just super committed, she’s someone who has taken a lot of pride in mastering her craft “, said Merriweather.

Averaging 12 points and playing more than 30 minutes per game, Griggs is also the 28th player wearing the blue and grey to surpass one thousand career points.

” Never thought I would do that in college, but all the hard work paid off and just know that I did my best when I was here and it just literally led to greatness “.

” If any player would like to break those type of records, to shoot with that type of consistency, Maddy is the perfect picture of what it takes to do those things “, said Merriweather.

Memphis is playing some of it’s best brand of basketball and they have their attention on making their first NCAA Tournament in 24 years.

” That’s definitely our plan, that was our plan from the beginning and we plan on sticking it through and going to the NCAA Tournament in Memphis”, said Griggs.