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MEMPHIS – After struggling with Mississippi State’s air raid offense in the season opener, the Tiger defense faces another tough task this weekend in Annapolis, trying to find a way to slow down the Navy triple option.

It’s an offense you just don’t see.

Tigers new defensive coordinator Matt Barnes says he’s never faced the triple option as a defensive play caller but he will on Saturday where the key word for the Tigers is discipline.

Do your job.

Something the U of M has done well as of late, beating the Midshipmen… three years running.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about discipline and knowing your job.  Knowing you have to do your job before you do anything else. Especially with Navy,” said Tigers linebacker Jaylon Allen.  “The minute you don’t your job, it’s over.”

“It’s just challenging with only a few days to prepare, to get as dialed in as you need to be. So we’re just trying to communicate that urgency as much as we can,” said Tigers defensive coordinator Matt Barnes.  “It helps that we have some guys that have played them before. It’ll be fast for us early in the game. Hopefully as our guys kind of get their feet wet, the game slows down for them.”

Tigers and Navy kick off Saturday at 2:30.