MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Southern Heritage Classic is approaching, and Founder and CEO Fred Jones joined Live at 9 to discuss details.

Saturday, September 9, Tennessee State University will face off against the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff at the Simmons Liberty Bowl Stadium. “The [fanbase] has come with idea of the ‘UAPB 901 Takeover,'” Jones said.

This comes after Jackson State University its termination of participation in the annual game in February.

Nonetheless, Jones spoke highly of UAPB and is excited for them to join. “They want to be here. They’re working hard. People are going to be pleasantly surprised by the Classic this year.”

Regarding other activities, events start on September 7, with Gladys Knight performing at the Orpheum Theatre. There will also be tailgating, parades and other things to do.

When asked about the longevity of his business, Jones said, “It’s always been, from day one, about this community.” People have known about HBCUs for years, but not everyone has gotten to experience them.

This year, United Way of the Mid-South is the official partner. Reverand Kenneth Robinson, president of the organization, said its values go hand-in-hand with the Classic.

“It’s a huge stage for us to talk about Driving The Dream,” Robinson said. “One of every four Memphians lives in poverty. We pulled together 130 agencies so that Memphians who have needs can [call us], and we can help facilitate.”

For more information about this year’s Southern Heritage Classic, click here. To learn more about United Way of the Mid-South, click here.