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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As the high school season winds down, history in Shelby County is being made, not so much involving what happens in between the lines, but rather who’s on the field.

“It’s hard to find a word that describes it, because you never think that it’s going to happen,” said Marron Hopkins.

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Hopkins and his wife, Karen, become the first married couple to officiate in the same game in Shelby County on Friday night. The matchup is between Middle College High School and Millington High School at Crump Stadium.

“To be out there with the woman I’m married to it’s a thrill. It’s a thrill beyond words,” said Marron.

“We’re going to make magic in the field,” his wife Karen added.

Karen says the first time she saw Marron officiate, she was swept off her feet.

“Sharing the in the spotlight with this man, is probably going to be one of the big highlights for me. As a new official he was very instrumental pouring into me,” said Karen.

Marron has officiated for four decades, but he put his whistle away in 2004 to become a supervisor of officials. Little did Karen know, when earning her stripes eight years ago, that she’d have to learn from her soon to be spouse.

“There were some sleepless nights, with some no talking in the mornings. My fellow officers will let you know, he treated me just as great as he did them,” said Karen with a grin on her face.

Marron then said, “she understands that it’s not personal, that I really want her to be the best out there. So I give her everything I’ve got.”

Though Marron has the most experience on the field in the relationship, he’ll gladly lean on his wife and the other officials when they take the gridiron.

“For me, having been off the field and being the guy hollering from the sideline all the time, it’ll be different,” said Marron.

“When we first talked about it, it was a little nerve wracking, a little scary because I worry about him because he hasn’t been on the field as much as I have. But we know what we have to do. We both are ready,” said Karen.