GERMANTOWN, Tenn. (WREG) — It’s Germantown versus Houston Friday night. A Region 8-6A showdown between neighborhood rivals and one of the biggest match ups of the season.

“Let the cards fall where they may,” said Germantown head coach Gene Robinson.

This game also features two stars who both come from football families.

At Germantown, Jamarion Morrow is already getting the attention of college scouts and he’s just a sophomore — most recently landing an offer from TCU this week.

“Once it comes it feel like they feel like all the work has paid off, you feel like I did it for a reason,” Morrow said. “You don’t feel like I was just out here just working for no reason. It had a purpose behind it.”

“Not often does your best player be the hardest worker,” said Robinson. “I’ve seen Jamarion come in as a freshman. He’s on the 3.0 club list. He’s competing in the classroom. And then you come out here on the field and after practice, he has a group of guys and they’re running sprints where you have to kick this guy off the field.”

Morrow is listed as an athlete, but he believes he’s best at receiver, following in the footsteps of his father, Jarrett, who played at Tennessee State.

“My dad has been pushing me since I was born to to be the hardest working player on the team. No matter how far you are on the bench or how high you are on the team.”

Six miles down the road at Houston, wideout Brock Vice has been a force on the Mustangs offense.

At 6-10, 210 pounds he’s the easiest to spot, but not the easiest to guard. And this year, he’s joined on the sidelines by former Memphis Tigers offensive line coach and his father, Vance.

“I’ve been coaching college for over 30 years and I’ve got a 21-year-old and a soon to be 18-year-old and a 14-year-old, and I haven’t seen anything,” Vance Vice said. “I was fortunate enough for Coach [James] Thomas letting me come out here and getting the chance to be on the same sideline with Brock and this team. This team is special man.”

Brock’s true love is basketball. He won a state title with the Mustangs in 2021 under Mike Miller and spent this summer on the AAU circuit. But, football has a special place in his heart, so he returned for his senior season.

Whether on the court or the field, Brock’s focus isn’t on himself, it all about his teammates.

“I don’t need to be the main point of focus when we have four or five other weapons with us,” said Brock Vice.

“He’s a team first guy and he really doesn’t have to have the ball or the credit and just do what it takes to help us be successful as a team,” Vance said. “And that’s, that’s probably what I’m more proud of him in than touchdowns and alley oops and stuff like that.”

Two fathers proud of two sons who have their teams 9-1 midway through the season.