MEMPHIS – Just because the Memphis Tigers are on the road this weekend doesn’t mean the newly renamed Simmons Bank Liberty Bowl Stadium will sit idle on Saturday.

Far from it.

Saturday marks what is annually one of this city’s biggest football games, the Southern Heritage Classic.

Jackson State versus Tennessee State and while this game doesn’t need any extra hype, it’s got it.

It is year two pitting Deion Sanders against NFL brethren Eddie George.

Sanders won last year’s meeting and this year is the final match-up between JSU and TSU for the foreseeable future.

Just don’t make it about the two head coaches.

“I’m not playing against Prime. He’s not playing against me. It’s two storied programs that are facing off against each other in the Southern Heritage Classic and that’s it,” said Tennessee State coach Eddie George.  “We’re gonna put the ball in the dirt and get ready to rock.”

“We’re going there for one reason and that’s to dominate. That’s the only reason we’re going.  We ain’t going for nothing else,” said Jackson State coach Deion Sanders.  “We’re not going for the classic. We’re not going, I’m not even going for my dear friend. I love Coach George, but we’re going to play some football. That’s why we’re going there. That’s the one thing only.”