LAS VEGAS, Nev. (WREG) — The NFL is really back with the the Raiders opening preseason play in just three days against Jacksonville.

Former Tigers offensive lineman Dylan Parham is really starting to get the hang of the speed of the pros.

Parham, who was drafted by Las Vegas in the 3rd of this year’s NFL Draft, has already shown his dedication to his craft in his time at Memphis. Parham came to the U of M as a 2-star defensive lineman, put on 55 pounds and emerged as one of the nation’s top offensive lineman.

His versality is what set him apart, being able to play both guard positions, as well as lining up at center. All of those positions he’s been getting reps at during his first week of NFL training camp.

Parham reflected on his time with the Tigers under Ryan Silverfield who was his offensive line coach before being named head coach.

“I’m just understanding and taking a little bit from Coach Silverfield since he obviously coached in the league for a little while,” Parham said. “And then understanding that Coach Carmen [Bricillo] is a new coach. He’s going to have new mannerisms, he’s going to possible have new techniques. So it’s just like don’t get focused on what you’ve already learned, but have some techniques that you did learn that was helpful during that time and maybe sprinkle that in. But at the end of the day, I now have a new offensive line coach so I need to do exactly what he says.”

The Raiders open the regular season at the Chargers September 11.