MEMPHIS – It’s a noise most around college football can’t stand.

It’s an acquired sound mainly in the city of Starkville.

But if you’re going to the September third season opener down at Davis Wade Stadium between the U of M and Mississippi State, you’d better get use to it with the cowbells, a big focus of Ryan Silverfield and his coaching staff in the lead up to kick off.

Silverfield piping in the cowbells through the speakers at practice on Wednesday.

Support staff ringing cowbells on the field all with the goal of giving the Tigers an earful.

Preparation for what they can expect in Starkville.

“Really annoying. Yeah, terribly annoying. I’m just such a fan of college football. It’s just one of those traditions that remains. It is what it is. It ain’t going away,” said Tigers defensive coordinator Matt Barnes.  “I grew up in sort of a rural area, so it reminds me a little bit about being back home and next to the cow pasture. But other than that, no, that’s a sound unlike anything else.  It’s just unique.”

“My grandpa used to bring it, ring a cowbell at my game,” said Tigers quarterback Seth Henigan.  “So I’m kind of used to that little bell sound.”

And getting use to that sound is a big key for success in the season opener.

“Third down situations, two-minute situations, end of the game situations.  Coming out, goal line.  When you’re closer to the fans. That type of stuff,” said Tigers offensive coordinator Tim Cramsey.  “That’s where I really pump the noise up and get the cowbells ringing. But noise is noise. You got to be able to find a way to to block it out and still focus in and execute.”

Kickoff between the Tigers and Mississippi State is set for 6:30 on September 3rd.