MEMPHIS — On the eve of the NBA Draft, the Memphis Grizzlies, with two first round picks in the 20’s, are positioned to do just about anything on Thursday night.

Some reports even have the Grizzlies trying to move up into the lottery, and yes… they have the draft assets to do it.

But if the Grizz stay at 22 and 29 in the first round, and that’s a big if, one player that’s been mentioned as a possible Grizzly pick is former Briarcrest star and Tennessee Vol Kennedy Chandler.

The 6’1” guard does fill a need for the Grizzlies at back-up point guard, if Tyus Jones leaves via free agency.

Chandler is pretty excited about the possibility of playing for his hometown team

“That would be real fun, me playing my city in front of my family,” Chandler said.  “With me being away from my family, they could just come right there, right down the street from us and watch me play. That would be a very special moment for me to be able to play for the Memphis Grizzlies.  We’ll just all see tomorrow and see what happens from there.”