MEMPHIS – The Grizzlies giving back to the City of Memphis… again on Friday.

Core four great Zach Randolph along with team president Jason Wexler on hand at Rozelle Elementary school, helping unveil newly renovated spaces as part of the NBA’s 75th anniversary legacy initiative.  

The upgrades included a dance studio, green space and basketball court where, of course, Zbo remains a fan favorite, a kid’s favorite even though Randolph played his last game for the Grizzlies back in 2017.

“I mean it’s really special.  Like you said, I wouldn’ trade it for the world,” Randolph said.  “Just seeing these kids, smiling.  This is something they’re going to remember.  It’s going to be an everlasting memory.  Anything I can do just to make the kids smile and be here for this great thing today, this is what I’m all about.”

“You’re always more visible during the playoffs.  You have a few more eyeballs on you. You have more people paying attention,” said Grizzlies President Jason Wexler.  “You want to just show how important the city is to the organization and how important the organization is to the city.”

Just how far the second seeded Grizzlies go in the playoffs is anyone’s guess Randolph says likes their chances.

“Man, I think we can go real far.  With Ja and Jaren at the lead.  Dillon.  Bane playing great.  It’s gonna be interesting, bringing it back to the Grindhouse.  First game, whenever it be.  We’re gonna be ready.”