College GameDay crew loves location on Beale Street

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The time for talking is almost over, as it’s just 24 hours from kickoff between No. 15 unbeaten SMU and the No. 24 Memphis Tigers.

The game has a focus on two fronts: the Liberty Bowl for the game and Beale Street for everything else, as thousands of people pack the street to see the first ever College GameDay in Memphis.

Not only are residents in the 901 pumped, so is the GameDay crew.

“The excitement has been great, my wife’s best friend lives here and is in sales,” GameDay host Rece Davis said. “She’s been talking about how the whole city is sort of excited, and that’s very gratifying and humbling to us. We are fired up to get out here; we think it is going to be a tremendous scene. This is one of the most iconic spots in the entire country. To have our show associated with it and have a marquee game Saturday night is going to be fun.”

“I can’t wait to see the turn out tomorrow, that is going to be the tell tale for me,” GameDay contributor Desmond Howard said. “It’s exciting for them. It brings a lot of attention to their city, their football team and their program, and it’s something that they’ve earned, too. They’re not charity cases. We aren’t here by accident. Memphis has deserved this opportunity, and we are glad to put the national spotlight on Memphis.”

The closest the Tigers will get to College GameDay came this afternoon when the team made it’s way to Beale Street for a sneak peak at the festivities. A group which included quarterback Brady White made an appearance on ESPN’s College Football Live.

“It’s a childhood dream,” White said. “You grow up watching college football specifically every year of your life, you seen the signs and the fandom. Personally, I am super stoked.”

“Every Saturday morning you turn on the TV for football, you are going to see College GameDay; you will see the show they have,” Tiger tight end Joey Magnifico said. “Growing up with that and it finally being here in Memphis is a dream come true.”

“I’m 38 years old, I think the show has been on since I was 6. I would watch it every weekend growing up like most football fans. For us to be able to host GameDay here is a dream come true,” Tiger head coach Mike Norvell said.

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