CHICAGO – Many of the biggest names in college basketball, now hoping to make a name for themselves in the NBA.

Specifically in Chicago this week where 76 of the top prospects in next month’s NBA Draft received an invite to the combine, including two Tigers in Jalen Duren and Josh Minott along with Memphian and former Tennessee standout Kennedy Chandler.

Guess who was getting a lot of attention Thursday in Chicago?

It was Chandler.  That’s what happens when you put up a combine best 41 and a half inch vertical leap at just over six feet tall.

Chandler has been making the rounds in Chicago, talking with a number of teams.

The projected mid to late first-round pick is also leaning on NBA stars like Ja Morant and Trae Young for guidance during this draft process.

“Ja had this process. But he didn’t have these interviews and as much workouts that I’ll have. But, you know, those guys gave me great, great feedback.  Just things that they’ve learned since they’ve been in the league,” Chandler said.  “Trae Young as well. So those guys really gave me the feedback on what I’m, what they could teach me when I first get to the league.”

Chandler is also happy this draft process is coming to an end.

“Been a long process. I’m just really waiting for my name to get called. That’s a big thing. Your relief. Finally get your name called. Thing that you’’ve dreamed of since you were a kid. This process, you know, has been me working out and getting better every single day.  You gotta enjoy the process as well.”

The NBA Draft is set for June 20th at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.