MEMPHIS – Friday, the St.Louis Cardinals Caravan made a pitstop in Memphis as fans got the chance to ask questions and get signed autographs from the teams top prospects.

This year’s players featured top prospect, third baseman Jordan Walker and Pine Bluff, Arkansas native Tink Hence.

Both are living out their dreams of being a professional baseball player, and they said that the interactions with the fans make the caravan even more special.

” All the people here, man, show support. It really does mean a lot. You know, it is a lot of stuff you see on the field. You know, when you’re playing. And then there’s like being in the cage and all the hard work you put in, signing autographs and you get real personal with them. It does mean a lot to have them cheering you on for sure every day”, said Walker.

” It’s just a good moment and give me a good vibe. I feel like just go be able to play the game that I love. So now, a lot of people say it’s kind of just my job now, but I look at it as some I love to do it. I’m ready to do it every day”, said Hence.