MEMPHIS – Not what Memphis and former Whitehaven star Aubrey Miller was hoping for from this weekend’s NFL Draft.

The standout Jackson State linebacker didn’t hear his name called during the seven round draft.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is, not long after the draft, the Miami Dolphins signed Miller as a priority free agent.  Miller’s dream of playing in the NFL has come true and the Dolphins are getting a good one.

“I’m a hard nosed for the ball, man.  That’s one thing I like to do, sideline to sideline. I just like to play ball,” Miller said. “There’s not much of things that I try to do, just more natural things that I do. I just love to play ball. I love to hit. I love to bring energy. I love to be the upbringing of the team. Also, I love to win. I hate to lose.”