Bryce Huff hopeful ‘Memphis’ name helps lead to draft selection

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MOBILE, Ala. — With each name and each round of the NFL Draft, tension builds for players like Bryce Huff.

“A little bit of anxiety, a little bit of excitement,” Huff said. “I’ve just been staying prayed up and continuing to work and controlling what I can control.”

As day two is set to kick off, underestimating is Huff probably not in teams’ best interests.

“Everyone’s called me a sleeper, that’s nothing new,” Huff said. “I feel like I’ve been slept on in every level of football I’ve played. I know how to handle adversity and know how to show myself to a new set of people. I look forward to where ever I get drafted and going and making an impact right away.”

Checking in at 6-foot-3, 255 pounds and totaling 6.5 sacks in his final season at the University of Memphis, Huff caught the attentions of NFL scouts.

The former Tiger has heard form just about every team in the league and now hopes to hear his name called in the draft.

“A lot of teams like me a lot, they like me at outside linebacker or defensive end,” Huff said. “I’ve had some special teams coordinators reach out to me as well, I know, it’s going to be a big part of my first couple years in the league going out there and dominating on special teams as well.”

“Great edge rusher, can do a lot with his hands, has a great motor,” Tigers head coach Ryan Silverfield said. “I just think he’s a productive college player that has that chance to be flexible, and a lot of people looked at Genard Avery the same way.”

Huff like many of his former teammates at the U of M have the skillset to play at the next level. And with what Memphis was recently able to do on the national stage, that only helps these guys draft stock.

“I feel like it’s helped a lot being able to come to Memphis and be a part of coach Norvell’s program and what he’s been able to build,” Huff said. “It says a lot about our character and our work ethic as far as taking it to the next level. There are a lot of great prospects in my class, so I feel like that has boosted our game quite a bit.”

It’s a Memphis name that now holds a lot more weight in the NFL.

“I talked to plenty of scouts, and they were like ya’ll do nothing but produce athletes, and it’s true,” former wide receiver Antonio Gibson said. “They would come up to me after our meeting and ask me about this kid, and this kid, so it’s definitely out there. Memphis is definitely on the come-up.”

“When I went to go train, there was 25 guys from different schools, and they hear you are from Memphis, and they gave you a little chip on your shoulder, like alright, he’s legit, so that is definitely great to have,” former tight end Joey Magnifico said. “I know all the guys coming out this year are going to try and lead a legacy and go play at the next level.”

Guys who used to make plays on Saturdays can hopefully get a chance to do it on Sundays, too.

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