FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – After opening the season with back-to-back wins, moving up nine spots since the preseason to now, number ten in the country, Arkansas is back at home this weekend against Missouri State where much of the focus will be on the coach of the visiting Bears.

For the first time since being fired back in 2012, Bobby Petrino returns to Fayetteville.

No hog fan will forget the image of Petrino, in a neck brace, red-faced and battered, after a motorcycle accident that set off a chain of events, leading to Petrino’s dismissal.

Petrino going 21 and 5 in his last two years at Arkansas with the Razorbacks finishing the 2011 season ranked fifth in the country.

Ten years later, Petrino returns and that success he had with the Hogs, part of the reason Sam Pittman has been able to turn Arkansas into one of the nation’s best.

“Last time Arkansas was relevant, relevant was when Coach Petrino was here. We’re very grateful for his time here and what he did for the program,” Pittman said.  “We’ve used that in recruiting.”

“We’ll see when I get there. Right now, what I’m going to do is just focus on the week and the preparation and what our players need to do,” said Bobby Petrino.  “I’m sure there’ll be some feelings and emotions when I step in the stadium, but it’s really not about me. It’s about our football team.”