MEMPHIS – After the rain clouds rolled passed Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium, it made for a nice night as the Blue Team defeated the Gray Team 13-10 in the Memphis Tigers annual ‘Friday Night Stripes’ spring game.

” It just gives everybody a unique opportunity and I think we’ve been talking about building continuity, leadership,” said Memphis Tigers head coach Ryan Silverfield. ” So I think it was a fun, it was a good environment and then also people’s feelings get hurt. I’m not I’m not a fool. I know the transfer portal window is still open and so, there are no first, second or third string. But got to go play and have fun.”

” Because it’s different when you go with the one’s and the two’s, like, how they communicate with you. So it’s kind of just different ” said defensive lineman Jaylen Allen.

” So it’s just really cool to, you know, play a game against each other, so to speak, and just compete and have a have a winner and loser,” said junior quarterback Seth Henigan.

Veteran quarterback Seth Henigan led the Blue Team in only the first quarter of action, but it was former PURE Academy standout Tevin Carter with the play of the day, when he connected with Toledo transfer wide receiver Demeer Blankumsee for nearly an 80 yard touchdown.

” You were able to see what he is capable of on tape, on game film and then you’re able to bring it in. I think it’s unique for the fans to see, I can talk about it all I want. If it doesn’t show up on the field, it doesn’t matter. Hopefully things to come for the season for him.”

The Tigers kick-off the season September 2nd against Bethune-Cookman at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium.