Ben Pirmann takes over Memphis 901 FC


MEMPHIS — For the first time since their inception, two years ago, Memphis 901 FC is under new leadership.

Ben Pirmann is the man in charge on the pitch, named the new interim coach of the 901 after the club fired Tim Mulqueen on Tuesday.

Pirmann was the head coach of Detroit City FC for six years before joining Mulqueen’s staff back in December of 2018.

Now he has just four matches to show what he can do and maybe, get the interim tag removed from his title.

Pirmann takes over a team from Mulqueen that has won just twice this year, playing on the wrong side of the margins.

We’ve all looked in the mirror.  We’ve all held ourselves accountable and the only way to make that right is to play as hard as we can,” said 901 FC Interim coach Ben Pirmann.  “Fight for this city.  Fight for this club and do what we think is possible to fix the marginal mistakes that we’ve had this season, so far.  Turn ties and losses into ties and wins.  It’s one step at a time.  The group’s reaction has been fantastic.  They’ve also looked in the mirror.  We’ve all put our hands up and said nobody’s been quite good enough.”

“We’re trying to stay positive and get some results out of these last four matches,” said 901 FC forward Cal Jennings.  “We’re just trying to be together.  It can be difficult throughout the season with different things going on.”

Memphis 901 FC plays at Louisville City on Saturday.

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