MEMPHIS – For those of you hoping to see Tennessee and the Tigers make-up their game lost in December when COVID caused a cancellation in Nashville, Vols coach Rick Barnes doesn’t seem too inclined.

Barnes was in town Tuesday night as part of the Big Orange Caravan, sounding a lot like he did back in December when he downplayed any further games with Penny Hardaway and the Tigers.

Last year’s game was the last in a three game series between the two teams with no future games scheduled.

“I’ve got great respect for Penny Hardaway and his program but we haven’t thought about it.  Certainly this year, it’s not on the schedule,” Barnes said. Going forward, we always look at what we think is best for our program. I would say right now, I don’t think it’s front burner for either program right now. I don’t know how far out the are with scheduling. I know where we are and what we’re trying to do with our program”