901FC learns divisional opponents heading into league restart


Memphis 901 FC with a pretty good draw for the restart of its season.

The United Soccer League announcing on Friday that 901 FC will play in the four team Group G and play 12 of its remaining 15 regular season games against Birmingham, the Charlotte Independence and North Carolina FC.

901 FC went winless against those three teams in their inaugural season last year.but this is a new season, with the top two teams advancing to a single elimination playoff.

“It really creates some rivalries, said 901FC President Craig Unger.  “You get to see these players, there’s going to be some storylines there after you play somebody a second, third or fourth time.  Obviously, the regionality of it is great too.  As we go forward, a lot of these teams are going to be teams we see all the time,” Unger said.  “Having Birmingham that’s right down the way is going to be a lot of fun and the two North Carolina teams is going to be a great opportunity for us to sort of build some rivalries.”

Memphis 901 FC is set to restart its season on July 11th.

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