901 FC calls off match with North Carolina FC for ‘March of Equality’


MEMPHIS — With a pattern of protests over social injustice and police brutality, from just about every sports league, continuing around the country, Memphis 901 FC of the United Soccer League has also had enough.

901 FC has decided not to play its game against North Carolina FC Saturday night, with the full support of the team and the league.

Memphis 901 FC releasing this statement on Friday.

“Due to the suffering and injustices that we continue to see taking place in this country, we felt that this weekend would be best served as a time for reflection and education rather than for sport.

With this being the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s I have a Dream speech, we are reminded of those who came before us and forged a path towards racial equality.

We strive to continue their work through our united voice.”

So instead of playing Saturday, the team will hold a March of Equality, beginning at ten a.m. at Autozone Park and ending at the National Civil Rights Museum.

Supporters are welcome to join in on the march.

 The match will be rescheduled.

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