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MEMPHIS – They are a who’s who of Memphis sports.

Thursday night, some of this city’s iconic players, coaches and contributors were inducted into the Memphis Sports Hall of Fame.

The 2022 class, the first one in two years due to the pandemic and the first since the inaugural class back in 2019, with many recognizable names like former Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and former Tiger greats Elliot Perry and DeAngelo Williams, just to name a few.

27 inductees in all.

A list that includes ten high school coaching legends.  All honored to be part of the Memphis Sports Hall of Fame

“This city has given more to me than I’ve given to it,” said inductee Elliot Perry. “I’m just so honored to be here among all the other honorees.”

“I feel almost out of place,” said inductee Jerry Lawler.  “I mean, all these dignitaries and all these famous people and everything and I’m just walking around, a guy with a crown in his hand.”

“Hey, I am with my Tigers team. I’m with my Tigers team no matter who the coach is and no matter what our record is,” said inductee DeAngelo Williams.  “I’m Memphis through and through.”

“I always say when I first got here, it was the Memphis Grizzlies and then when I left, it was our Memphis Grizzlies,” said inductee Lionel Hollins.  “So I’m proud of that.”