Barbie’s Dia De Muertos dolls are exquisite

With Dia De Muertos right around the corner, Mattel has released three new dolls to mark the holiday. Barbie’s 2023 Dia De Muertos dolls are so much more than just toys, though. They’re legitimate works of art.

Dia De Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a multi-day celebration in Mexico. It’s traditionally observed on Nov. 1 and 2, though other days ranging from Oct. 31 to Nov. 6 may be included in the celebrations, depending on the locality. Those who celebrate Dia De Muertos honor the lives of their ancestors and loved ones who have passed away.

Two of Barbie's Dia De Muertos dolls Mattel

Dia De Muertos Barbies debuted in 2019

Mattel’s Dia De Muertos Barbie dolls are based on the character La Calavera Catrina, an icon of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. The first version of the doll was released in September 2019 and was so popular that it sold out before even becoming available online.

The 2023 dolls were designed by Mexican-American designer Javier Meabe, who also designed the Dia De Muertos dolls in 2020. At the time, he said that his family and culture inspired him.

“As a Mexican American designer, it was important to me to use my creative voice to design a doll that celebrates the bright colors and vivid textures of my culture, as well as have the traditions I grew up with represented and celebrated in Barbie,” he said in a statement. “My hope for these dolls is that they’re able to bring more awareness to the Dia de Muertos celebration.

Meabe also states, “The Dia de Muertos celebration is very important because it honors and pays respect to family and friends that are no longer with us. It is such a beautiful tradition, and I love that Barbie is now honoring the Dia de Muertos holiday.”

“I also know how important representation is in our community, and I wanted little girls to see themselves through this doll. Barbie has always been a doll that celebrates women and dreams and inspires girls. I am beyond grateful that Barbie is now celebrating traditions and cultures that mean so much to so many people,” adds the designer.

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Meet the 2023 Dia De Muertos dolls

Barbie doll in pin ball gown with mask

2023 Día De Muertos Barbie x Pink Magnolia Doll

The Pink Magnolia Barbie dazzles in a two-tiered tulle gown embroidered with heart and sugar skull details. Her floral headpiece features golden leaves and colorful blossoms. Available via Mattel’s website on Oct. 4.

Día De Muertos Barbie Doll in hot pink dress with mask

2023 Día De Muertos Barbie Doll

This collectible Barbie doll is wearing a gorgeous gown that pays homage to the traditions, symbols and rituals of this time-honored holiday. Her satiny pink dress is adorned with colorful sugar skulls and flowers, and a boldly ruffled neckline and flared hem make the silhouette stand out even more.

Día De Muertos Ken Doll in black hat and mask

2023 Día De Muertos Ken Doll

This collectible Ken doll is wearing a satin suit embroidered with sugar skull and bone details on the lapels. A sugar skull band wraps around his hat and accentuates his festive calavera face paint.

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