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Which ‘Naruto’ dog costumes are best?

Few things are cuter than a dog in a costume, and if you’re a fan of “Naruto,” a “Naruto”-themed dog costume may be the cutest thing you could imagine. Luckily, there are several “Naruto” costumes that are ideal for dogs of nearly any size. For example, the Impoosy Halloween Dog Akatsuki Cosplay comes in multiple sizes and features a simple design that most dogs won’t mind wearing. 

What to consider before you buy a ‘Naruto’ dog costume

‘Naruto’ aesthetic

“Naruto” is popular because of its incredible storyline and characters, but its unique aesthetic is another major reason the show caught on. Many “Naruto” characters have their own unique style that makes them stand out, and these characters’ styles have led to numerous collaborations with brands such as Champion, Coach and Primitive. Needless to say, the “Naruto” aesthetic has led to many awesome costumes as well, both for humans and pets.

Which ‘Naruto’ characters are most like your dog?

When shopping for a “Naruto” dog costume, it’s essential to think about which characters are your favorite or which ones align the most with your dog’s personality.

Maybe your dog has a brutish personality and doesn’t like to be petted by other people. If so, an Akatsuki robe or a Sasuke costume might be perfect for them. On the other hand, maybe your dog is filled with energy and has a silly personality like Naruto or the Fourth Hokage.

Matching your dog’s costume with their personality is a great way to get the most out of your “Naruto” dog costume. Still, if you can’t think of a “Naruto” character that matches your dog’s personality, you can’t go wrong by choosing one of your personal favorites.

How big is your dog?

Fit is important when it comes to dog costumes. Your dog needs to be able to see, breathe, sit, walk, use the bathroom and eat while in their costume — if it is too big or small, they may have a hard time with this. Make sure to pay attention to your animal’s behavior when they’re wearing their costume. If they begin over-grooming or acting aggressive, you may want to rethink the costume altogether.

What to look for in a quality ‘Naruto’ dog costume

Accurate design

You’ll want your dog’s costume to be true to the show, or at least as close as a dog version of the character could be. Most dog costumes will avoid headwear, as your pet is likely to shake it off anyway. If the outfit involves a headband, the designer will likely make it into a collar instead.

Tough material

Pets can be rough on their outfits, so you’ll want to buy a “Naruto” costume that’s built to last. Polyester makes a great material for pet costumes, as it’s both breathable and durable. Even if you get a durable costume, your pet will step on it throughout the day if it’s too long. Make sure you double-check the item’s length before purchasing so you don’t have to worry about it tearing when your pet steps on it.

Matching costumes

You’ll likely have to buy the costume separately, but getting a costume that allows you to match your dog easily can be tons of fun. Akatsuki robes are an easy way to match your pet, but you may prefer to dress as Naruto and have your dog dress as the Fourth Hokage, or vice versa. Naruto and Sasuke is another excellent human and dog costume combination, although you can’t go wrong with a simple leaf headband, as it will match nearly any costume you choose to wear.

How much you can expect to spend on a ‘Naruto’ dog costume

A quality “Naruto” dog costume will likely run you between $15-$30.

‘Naruto’ dog costume FAQ

Is it dangerous for dogs to wear costumes?

A. Wearing costumes is perfectly safe for dogs as long as you are mindful of a few things. For example, you won’t want to have your dog wear its costume all day, as the fabric may irritate their skin since they aren’t used to it. You’ll want to be mindful of your dog’s temperature as well, and make sure to get a breathable costume if it might be warm outside while they’re wearing it.

What if my dog doesn’t like wearing costumes?

A. It can be a good idea to introduce costumes to your dog gradually. Let them sniff the material and lay it across their back so they can get used to the texture. When they let you put the costume on them, reward them with a treat. Ultimately, every dog is different, and some may never warm up to the idea of wearing an outfit. Still, many pet costumes are inexpensive, so it never hurts to try.

What’s the best ‘Naruto’ dog costume to buy?

Top ‘Naruto’ dog costume

Impoosy Halloween Dog Akatsuki Cosplay

Impoosy Halloween Dog Akatsuki Cosplay

What you need to know: This breathable Akatsuki cape is both affordable and stylish.

What you’ll love: This cape comes in numerous sizes and can be purchased with or without a hood. Most users found that their dog didn’t mind wearing this lightweight costume. The Impoosy Akatsuki Costume is ideal for most dog breeds, and even cats.

What you should consider: The velcro strap isn’t an ideal way to keep the costume on larger dogs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ‘Naruto’ dog costume for the money

Naruto Konoha Bandana Collar

Naruto Konoha Bandana Collar

What you need to know: If you want to keep your dog’s costume simple, you can’t go wrong with this stylish bandana collar that resembles a leaf headband.

What you’ll love: The simple design makes it unlikely that your pet will be uncomfortable wearing this costume. The collar fastens together with a plastic clip so it won’t fall off.

What you should consider: Rather than actual metal, the faceplate is sublimated.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

Naruto Anime Fourth Hokage Cape

Naruto Anime Fourth Hokage Cape

What you need to know: This Fourth Hokage costume features a high-quality design and top-notch material.

What you’ll love: This costume’s material is incredibly soft, and the sizing is ideal for small and medium dogs and cats. The seller donates to a no-kill animal shelter for each purchase.

What you should consider: This cape’s bright-white color may get dirty quickly.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

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