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Which brand makes the best coffee maker?

While you may have your favorite flavor and brand of coffee, the quality of your coffee machine will influence just how good it tastes. The best coffee maker offers efficiency, optimal flavor extraction and plenty of personalization when it comes to how and when you drink.

Mr. Coffee and Hamilton Beach are two of the leading companies vying to be your reliable countertop coffee maker. While both brands offer tasty coffee for any size household, their coffee makers have key differences that you should consider before choosing one. 

Mr. Coffee coffee maker

Mr. Coffee is a trusted name with almost 50 years of history to its credit, offering relatively simple and durable coffee makers of various sizes. Smaller models hold around five cups, while their largest model caters to a bigger household with a 12-cup capacity.

Most Mr. Coffee machines are programmable, allowing you to set a time for the coffee to brew. These models may also allow you to toggle brew strength and pause the brew to let you pour a quick cup. Alternatively, simple machines only have a power button that commences brewing.

Mr. Coffee coffee maker pros

  • Versatile: Some high-end Mr. Coffee machines offer coffee drinkers a chance to make iced coffee, espresso or even brew coffee from pods.
  • Multiple colors: In addition to the standard black, some coffee makers may come in white, stainless steel or blue.
  • Simple: Mr. Coffee champions simplicity. Their coffee makers are easy to set up, brew and clean.

Mr. Coffee coffee maker cons

  • Slow: Plan your brew because the machines take time to operate. Expect the process to last about 60 seconds per cup, with a bit of time to heat up as well.
  • Top-loading: Most Mr. Coffee machines require you to lift the top to fill the basket with grinds and water. This can lead to space issues if the machine is placed under cabinetry.
  • Price: While Mr. Coffee’s one-push models are fairly inexpensive, programmable machines, especially those with extra features, are pricier than comparable models.

Best Mr. Coffee coffee makers 

10-Cup Optimal Brew Thermal System Coffee Maker

10-Cup Optimal Brew Thermal System Coffee Maker 

Popular, attractive programmable machine that keeps coffee hot with its thermal carafe. The fresh brew feature tracks when the coffee is made, while a permanent gold filter reduces costs and increases efficiency. 

Sold by Amazon

5-Cup Mini Brew Switch Coffee Maker

5-Cup Mini Brew Switch Coffee Maker

This is a budget-friendly model for smaller households seeking coffee at the push of a button. The compact design allows for convenient storage; easy to fill and clean. 

Sold by Amazon

Hamilton Beach coffee maker

Hamilton Beach is known for a wide range of kitchen countertop appliances, from the general to the very specific. It makes sense that their line of coffee makers is varied as well, catering to those coffee drinkers who know what they want as well as those who enjoy a variety of drinks.

Some machines allow for drip coffee, coffee pods or both. Other models include an option to brew espresso, while others still feature two different dispensers: one for your large pot and one for a coffee on the go.

What’s more, some include a carafe, which can be glass or thermal stainless steel, while other models brew directly into an internal dispenser.

Hamilton Beach coffee maker pros

  • Versatility: Some models offer two or even three different means to create the ideal beverage, whether you want drip, espresso or iced coffee.
  • Single-serve: Hamilton Beach offers models that brew a single cup of coffee at a time. These machines are efficient, effective and compact, ideal for households of just one or two people.
  • Maintenance: Many coffee maker parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. More advanced models, however, offer a self-cleaning feature.

Hamilton Beach coffee maker cons

  • Complexity: Most Hamilton Beach coffee makers are programmable, and there are options available for timing, brew-strength and temperature. Some may embrace personalization, while others may want something more basic.
  • Cost: A midrange model is likely to cost at least $50, while higher-end models near $100.
  • Size: Since many Hamilton Beach coffee makers are complex and versatile, it means they are also rather large. Keep in mind the available countertop space.

Best Hamilton Beach coffee makers

FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker

FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker

Though it comes at a high price, this long-lasting model allows users to brew both ground coffee and employ pods while also offering a fast-brew feature for a quick cup. 

Sold by Amazon

5-Cup Compact Drip Coffee Maker

5-Cup Compact Drip Coffee Maker

Though inexpensive, this model is still programmable with a timer and pause feature. Compact size and front-fill resource save space. 

Sold by Amazon

Should you get a Mr. Coffee coffee maker or a Hamilton Beach coffee maker?

Compared to Mr. Coffee, Hamilton Beach coffee makers are more versatile and best for those households with varied or changing coffee preferences. What’s more, many models allow users to load water or beans from the front to use space more efficiently. Even their smaller models offer more bang for the buck when it comes to extra features.


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