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Which antique brass curtain rod is best?

Brass is making a comeback in interior design. This sophisticated metal has become a sought-after accent in modern and contemporary decor. Antique brass is especially popular thanks to its beautiful tarnished look. If you’re looking for a way to introduce antique brass into your home, curtain rods are an excellent opportunity.

The best antique brass curtain rod is the Rod Desyne Bud Curtain Rod. It has straightforward assembly instructions, unique details and features and is perfect for lightweight curtains. 

What to know before you buy an antique brass curtain rod

Antique appearance

Brass is a pale-gold, warm metal that comes in a variety of finishes, such as brushed, polished, unlacquered and satin. One reason brass is so popular is that it takes on a lovely, dark patina as it ages. But you don’t have to wait for generations to achieve that luster. Many brass accessories are artificially patinated to look tarnished.

Advantages of antique brass

Because of its warmer properties, brass is excellent at taking the edge off of black-and-white decor. This aged finish can make a bold statement as a shower curtain rod or for anchoring your flowing curtains and drapes. 

Styling options

Decoration styles like boho, rustic or classic interior really benefit from vintage curtain rods. If your style is more minimal, modern or mid-century modern, you’ll want to opt for an understated curtain rod. Look for solid end caps with simple designs and industrial piping, as these go well with most aesthetics.  

Complementary colors and patterns

It’s best to pair brass pairs with opposite colors. Choose cool colors on the blue-green end of the spectrum to balance this warmer metal finish. Colors such as turquoise, cobalt and emerald accentuate brass’s gold tones. If you’re going monochrome, black and white, beige and cool gray also look good. Don’t pit brass against huge swathes of reds, oranges and purples, as these will clash.

What to look for in a quality antique brass curtain rod


The type of curtain rod you choose depends on the size of your windows, your decoration style and the weight load of your curtains. 

  • Decorative: These come with mounting brackets and a single or double rod. Decorative brass curtain rods often have ornamental finishes and feature adjustable telescoping poles. 
  • Wrap-around: Also called French-return curtain rods, these curve to mount directly into the wall. This type of curtain rod is ideal for blocking out light.
  • Traverse: If you have wide windows or glass doors, a traverse rod has clips on a track that make it easy to slide your blinds or curtains open and closed.
  • Swing-arm: These curtain rods use a hinged bracket. They’re best if you have café style windows or French doors. Swing-arm curtain rods can rotate up to 180 degrees, making them perfect for large windows or door treatments. 
  • Tension: A tension rod is ideal when you don’t want to damage the walls or tiles. They’re also a great solution if you don’t have adequate support on the sides of your window.

Weight Capacity

A typical curtain rod holds between 5-20 pounds. But make sure your curtains don’t outweigh the rod. Drapes can weigh up to 25 pounds, meaning you’ll need to find a heavy-duty rod to handle the load. Pay particular attention to product descriptions of tension rods, as these bear the least amount of weight.


Fixed curtain rods typically fit a standard window at 24 inches by 24 inches. Therefore, a double window will be 48 inches wide. If you’re purchasing a curtain rod that telescopes, make sure the length fits your window treatment and leaves you 3-5 inches on each side for decorative purposes.


Finials are the decorative end caps on your curtain rod. Antique brass is the perfect material to take advantage of these little flourishes. For that vintage or classical look, go for a finial with a lot of detail. If you’re more modern and minimal, a simple shape will focus on the material. 

How much you can expect to spend on an antique brass curtain rod

Antique brass curtain rods vary in price depending on the size and type. A standard, single decorative curtain rod will cost anywhere between $20-$60. Specialized fixtures such as traverse, swing arm and bay-window rods cost more, ranging between $70-$150.

Antique brass curtain rod FAQ

Are finials included in the curtain rod measurement?

A. For the most part, no. The product description should list these as a separate measurement. The longer the finial, the less excess curtain rod will show on either side.

How do I hang my curtain rods?

A. It’s best to hang your curtain rod 3-5 inches above the frame. It’s best to hang them in the studs since this is more secure. If you’re drilling into drywall, be sure to use anchors to keep it in place.

What’s the best antique brass curtain rod to buy?

Top antique brass curtain rod

Rod Desyne Bud Curtain Rod

Rod Desyne Bud Curtain Rod

What you need to know: This decorative, single curtain rod is embellished just enough to fit into any design scheme.

What you’ll love: It features a classical bud finial, perfect for rustic decor. It telescopes and comes in four size ranges. The bracket clears 2 inches, and the single curtain rod comes with mounting hardware. You can also get this in a double treatment

What you should consider: The finials are resin, not bronze. The rod is a bit on the thin side.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top antique brass curtain rod for the money

Wayfair Basics Adjustable Single Curtain Rod

Wayfair Basics Adjustable Single Curtain Rod

What you need to know: This curtain rod is a modern take on antique brass, offering a sophisticated and understated aesthetic on a budget.

What you’ll love: Available in three sizes, this brass curtain rod comes with two 1-inch cylindrical finials and two adjustable brackets. It’s perfect for tighter spaces and holds up to 12 pounds.

What you should consider: Some users found that this telescoping rod feels flimsy when extended to its maximum length.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Worth checking out

Urbanest 1 inch Diameter Steel Ball Adjustable Single Drapery Curtain Rod Antique Brass

Urbanest 1-inch Diameter Steel Ball Adjustable Single Drapery Curtain Rod, Antique Brass

What you need to know: Featuring an elegant ball finial, Urbanest’s single curtain rod can upscale any room. 

What you’ll love: This telescoping curtain rod comes in three sizes. You get mounting hardware and anchors to adhere the adjustable brackets to your wall. 

What you should consider: Make sure to follow the installation instructions carefully, and don’t throw away any plastic tabs as these help with functionality. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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