Which Disney Christmas stockings are best?

Hanging a stocking by the fireplace is even more special when every time you look at it, you see a Disney character that makes you smile. If you or your loved ones are fans of the world of Walt Disney, a Disney Christmas stocking is a special way to add a little magic to the holiday season. If you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality Disney Christmas stocking, the Kurt Adler Personalized Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse Christmas Stocking With Ears is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a Disney Christmas stocking

Disney Christmas stockings are a fun alternative to regular holiday stockings. These themed stockings come in a variety of sizes, materials and designs.


Standard Christmas stockings measure 18 inches tall, and the same goes for Disney Christmas stockings. Larger Christmas stockings can measure up to 20 inches tall, allowing even more room to stuff goodies. Smaller Disney Christmas stockings can be 15 inches or less. Miniature stockings are better suited for decoration rather than filling with presents.


Disney Christmas stockings can use all kinds of fabric, including wool, cotton, acrylic, silk, felt, faux fur and blends to create a cozy piece of Disney memorabilia. Some stockings include extra detailing, such as glitter embellishments, embroidery or character-inspired accessories.


Styles and designs of Disney Christmas stockings generally vary between Disney graphics and character-inspired stockings. Stockings with Disney graphics can include images of characters, logos or other prints on the stocking itself. Character-inspired stockings tend to mimic classic character outfits, so the stocking looks like the character. Consider what you and your loved ones enjoy about Disney and try to find a stocking that highlights those elements.

What to look for in a quality Disney Christmas stocking


One of the most fun elements of a Disney Christmas stocking is the chance to personalize it. Many Christmas stockings let you add a custom name across the top. For Disney stockings, you can even get the name written in the official Disney font. Beyond names, you may be able to choose custom design elements of the stocking, like the Disney character or the design you want to be printed on the front.

Hanging style

Most stockings come with a ribbon or string attached to hang off a stocking holder. If you plan to hang yours this way, you should be all set. If you don’t have a stocking holder, you can use a wall hook or a nail if your stocking is lightweight. If you want to stuff it full of gifts but can’t hang it from something sturdy, you can place it under the Christmas tree with your other gifts.


Some stockings are stuffed or padded, meaning there is a layer of stuffing between the outer and liner fabric. This provides a more plush texture and offers more stability. There may not be extra stuffing if the stocking is made of thick fabrics already, such as velvet or faux fur. However, if the stocking uses thinner fabrics and does not include a liner and padding, it may feel a bit thinner than a standard Christmas stocking. Consider how full you plan to stuff the stocking and whether or not it can withstand the weight.

How much you can expect to spend on a Disney Christmas stocking

You can find most Disney Christmas stockings for $12-$25. More-expensive options range from $25 to $40 for additional customization or other extra features.

Disney Christmas stocking FAQ

How do you hang your Disney Christmas stocking?

A. Most stockings come with a ribbon or string at the top to hang from a stocking holder. You can set your stocking holder on the fireplace mantel, on a shelf or on another sturdy piece of furniture where you can display your stockings easily and safely. If you don’t have a stocking holder, you can use a wall hook or a nail if your stocking is lightweight and won’t be filled, or purchase a freestanding stocking holder.

Should you get a Disney Christmas stocking that’s officially licensed through Disney?

A. Some Disney Christmas stockings do have official licensing and some don’t. Those that don’t are Disney-inspired and can be handmade or produced by other companies. The licensing allows the manufacturer to use a particular likeness or design choice. That said, unofficial Disney stockings can be just as elaborate and elegant, if not more so. Handmade goods come with an extra touch of care, while mass-produced items can come with additional quality assurance. Ultimately, it’s better to choose the Disney stocking that you and your loved ones will enjoy the most.

What are the best Disney Christmas stockings to buy?

Top Disney Christmas stocking

Kurt Adler Personalized Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse 19-Inch Christmas Stocking With Ears

Kurt Adler Personalized Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse 19-Inch Christmas Stocking With Ears

What you need to know: This stocking comes in Mickey and Minnie versions for fans to enjoy both classic looks with a personalized touch.

What you’ll love: This Disney Christmas stocking features designs that mimic Mickey and Minnie’s classic looks, along with the characteristic Disney mouse ears, a Santa hat and a matching bow for Minnie. You can have the stocking personalized with a name across the top in the official Disney font.

What you should consider: Some customers noted the stocking was a bit thinner than expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Disney Christmas stocking for the money

Santa Mickey/Minnie Mouse 18-Inch Stocking

Santa Mickey/Minnie Mouse 18-Inch Stocking

What you need to know: This personalized Disney Christmas stocking features three designs to choose from at a reasonable price.

What you’ll love: You can customize the stocking with your name in either classic Disney font or regular font. Designs include a Mickey Santa, Minnie Santa and Mickey holding presents, all on a colorful background.

What you should consider: Customized elements are not eligible for returns, so double-check all spelling when placing your order.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

ThePolkaDotLollipop Custom Disney Character-Inspired 18-Inch Stocking

ThePolkaDotLollipop Custom Disney Character-Inspired 18-Inch Stocking

What you need to know: These festive stockings are inspired by more than 30 Disney characters, providing a lot of custom combinations.

What you’ll love: You and your family can pick out your favorite Disney characters to create your own character-themed stocking. Get your name embroidered in the classic Disney font. Each stocking is lined and padded and comes with a color-coordinated ribbon loop.

What you should consider: With a lot of customization options and handmade detailing, these stockings are on the pricier side.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

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