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Which walking canes are best?

Walking canes can improve balance and offer support to people with mild to moderate mobility problems. Walking canes, also known as walking sticks, can offer you more freedom than crutches can without the support of a walker. The Hurrycane Freedom Edition Walking Cane is a tremendous selection if you’re hunting for a well-made walking cane.

What to know before you buy a walking cane

Types of walking canes

There are several different kinds of walking canes out there, including carbon fiber walking canes, steel walking canes, aluminum walking canes and wooden walking canes. 

Using your walking cane

It’s crucial to know how to properly use a walking cane. You should hold the walking cane in the hand opposite your weak or impacted leg, then firmly plant the walking cane on the ground and enable most of the weight of your body to rest on the walking cane. 

You can then extend your strong leg forward and shift all of your balance and weight to the stronger leg. Pull your walking cane forward, place it a few inches ahead of your strong leg and make sure to move your weak leg forward at about the same time as you move the walking cane. You can then repeat this process to walk forward with your walking cane.

Right length of walking cane for you

Make sure to find the appropriate length of walking cane for you. A shorter cane may lead to balance issues and muscle strain, while a taller cane won’t fully support your weight and will be harder to control.

What to look for in a quality walking cane


It’s important to find the material that works best for you. Wooden walking canes have been used for centuries, but they can’t be adjusted once they’re created. Aluminum is another popular choice, since it’s durable and supportive but fairly lightweight. Steel walking canes offer a larger weight capacity, and carbon fiber walking canes are usually collapsible, so they can be easily stored.


There are a few different kinds of walking cane handles available, including offset handles, derby handles and round handles. Round handles have a C-shaped curve at the handle, while derby handles feature a stylized L-shape and offset handles curve away from the shaft of the cane in a gooseneck and curve back to form the actual grip.


You also need to select a foot style for your walking cane. Foot styles include single points, quad feet and specialty attachments, like ice grips, for improved safety during the winter.

How much you can expect to spend on a walking cane

Walking canes range in price from about $15-$40, depending on the quality and features included in the walking cane.

Walking cane FAQ

Can you use a decorative walking cane for medical use?

A. You can definitely not use a decorative walking cane for medical use. Novelty or decorative walking canes are not meant to support the full weight of your body, since they are usually made from inexpensive materials, like wood composite, plastic or bamboo. 

They also can’t be properly adjusted and are usually one size fits all. The bottom line is that it isn’t safe to use a cheap alternative as a medical mobility aid.

Can you use two different walking canes simultaneously?

A. It’s definitely possible to use two different walking canes simultaneously. Those with limited mobility often use two walking canes with arm supports to avoid the issues related to using a wheelchair over the long term. 

You should speak to your physical therapist or physician about potentially using two canes, since the biomechanics you need for two walking canes are different from the biomechanics you need for one.

Is it truly important to find a proper fit for your walking cane?

A. It’s not necessary to find a proper fit if your walking cane is just a fashion accessory. But if you are using the walking cane as a medical mobility aid, then you need it to be customized to your size in order to truly be effective. You can get some painful and uncomfortable side effects from using a walking cane that doesn’t fit properly.

What are the best walking canes to buy?

Top walking cane

Hurrycane Freedom Edition Walking Cane

Hurrycane Freedom Edition Walking Cane

What you need to know: This top-selling walking cane from Hurrycane provides both quality and versatility.

What you’ll love: This stable Hurrycane walking cane comes with a very easy height adjustment and folds up for simple storage. It’s also fairly stable and can stand on its own because of the foot design.

What you should consider: This walking can fold unexpectedly if the foot gets stuck on tough terrain. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top walking cane for the money

Vive Quad Cane

Vive Quad Cane

What you need to know: This budget-friendly quad walking cane from Vive offers durability and reliability at a low price.

What you’ll love: This extremely durable Vive quad walking cane is considered one of the most secure and stable walking canes out there. It’s also surprisingly light for its size and comes with a four-pronged foot.

What you should consider: This four-pronged walking cane can be unwieldy for some customers in narrow passageways.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Cane Seat

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Cane Seat

What you need to know: This folding cane seat from Drive Medical is an excellent choice for those who want both a durable cane and a portable seat.

What you’ll love: This lightweight Drive Medical folding cane seat features tripod legs that are simple to open, as well as a handy seat and extra walking security. The walking cane seat also provides plenty of stability.

What you should consider: The weight capacity of this folding cane seat is questionable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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