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Which are the best index flash cards?

With index flash cards, you can easily keep information handy. Students of all levels, administrative workers, interviewees and other people can use flash cards for retaining and organizing information.

With different styles and designs to choose from, best pick 1InTheOffice index cards are the perfect size for compact notes, with a variety of colors for fun and easy organization.

What to know before you buy index flash cards


The most common size for flash cards is 3 by 5 inches, but there’s actually a range of sizes from which you can choose. Depending on your intended use, you can choose from 4 by 6 inches, 5 by 8 inches or 2.9 by 4.1 inches.

With so many options, it’s best to pick a size based on your specific needs. For instance, use smaller cards to create quick, portable notes for people who want to carry them around or use them during presentations. With bigger cards, you have more space to write or make doodles or diagrams. Larger sizes are great for people who might be farsighted or just prefer bigger text.

Ruled vs. unruled vs. mixed

When it comes to picking flash cards, you have three options: ruled, unruled or mixed.

If you need to organize text or information, it’s best to go with ruled index flash cards. This keeps your information neater and it’s also easier to access with one look. On the other hand, blank cards are a better choice if you’re looking to create more diagrams or need more space for text or doodling.

A mix of cards can be useful if you’re undecided about ruled or unruled cards, or if you simply need a mixture of both to write legibly and still have space for diagrams.

Tabbed vs. not tabbed

Tabbed cards come with little tabs or dividers, either blank or labeled, to serve as guides for all your cards and notes. They help you retrieve the cards easily, as they’re quick to view and access. Tabbed cards often come with an index card holder.

If you don’t have a lot of information to document or organize, there’s probably no need for tabbed cards.

Regular cards vs. sticky

Regular cards are made from normal cardstock. You can hold them in your hands or carry them around. Sticky flash cards are similar to sticky notes in that they have a side to write on and a side you can stick to other surfaces. If you need to hang or stick your index flash cards onto a wall or white board, opt for sticky index cards.

What to look for in quality index flash cards

Cost and card count

While a regular pack of index flash cards might have 300 cards, some packs have more or less, depending on the price. Cards on the cheaper end may be made of thinner cardstock than regular cards and may tear easily or not last as long. Pay attention to both the price and card count, as some companies have the same price but different card counts.


Index flash cards come in a variety of colors. This is very helpful if you want to have the content for your cards organized using different colors to indicate different categories. For instance, if you’re creating content for a screenplay, you can use yellow to identify all content on characters, blue for acts and green for scenes.


Blank index cards can be very useful for making notes or writing small bits of text. For quick notes and short pieces of text, flash cards with vertically running lines (more like a to-do list) work well. If you’ll be drawing a lot of diagrams, charts and graphs, flash cards with grid lines may be better suited for your needs.

How much you can expect to spend on index flash cards

You can buy a pack of 100 index flash cards for $3-$6 or get a pack of 300 cards for about $5-$12, regardless of the color or design. Fancier index flash cards that are bound or tabbed tend to go for a higher price of $10 for 50 cards.

Index flash card FAQ

Can you put flash cards in the printer? 

A. In most cases, yes. However, your printer’s settings must be changed to the proper paper size.

Are flash cards good for studying?

A. Absolutely. Students of all levels can use flash cards to create quick study notes, memorize facts or figures, learn different types of information and create games.

What are the best index flash cards to buy?

Top index flash cards

1InTheOffice 3 x 5-Inch Ruled Pastel Index Cards 300/Pack

1InTheOffice 3 x 5-Inch Ruled Pastel Index Cards

What you need to know: These cards are not just high quality, they’re also durable and made out of recycled content.

What you’ll love: The cardstock comes in a range of pastel colors that also allow you to use highlighters and felt pens without bleeding.

What you should consider: The colors shown in pictures may slightly vary from actual colors.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top index flash cards for the money

AmazonBasics 3 x 5-Inch Ruled Neon Index Flash Cards, 300-Count

AmazonBasics 3-by-5-Inch Ruled Neon Index Flash Cards

What you need to know: The neon of these cards adds a lively pop of color that’s great for color-coding and organization.

What you’ll love: These cards come neatly packaged in separate bundles, allowing you to open different cards as needed.

What you should consider: There are mixed reviews on the thinness of the stock. These flash cards also tend to bleed with certain pens.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Oxford 3 x 5-Inch Ruled Index Cards, 1,000-Count

Oxford 3-by-5-Inch Ruled Index Cards

What you need to know: These cards are traditional, all-purpose and can serve you for a longer time because they come in packs of 1,000.

What you’ll love: These cards have one blank side and strong, bold lines on the other side.

What you should consider: There are mixed reviews on the thinness of these cards, depending on the batch.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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