MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Shelby County School students should receive the status of their TCAP re-test score Wednesday.

Tuesday night, leaders for MSCS hosted part three of the series “The Results are in: Now What?”

School leaders are encouraging parents to reach out Wednesday or Thursday for their child to re-test if they haven’t done so already. They say with school now being out for summer, it is important that parents contact them to set up a time.

Right now, leaders for MSCS are also working to release the scores from that test re-take. They are hoping to get them sent out this afternoon.

WREG also learned report cards are set to be mailed out on Friday, and they will have vital information regarding your child’s score.

William White, Executive Director of Planning and Accountability, said, “It will say whether your child has been promoted– or there are some cases in which you could get retained aside from this third-grade law.”

White continued, “But, for the third-grade law, if your child is below or approaching it is going to say ‘pending.’ Your child’s promotion status is pending because there are some other steps like the SLA or tutoring, that you are going to have to take, but it will also let them know whether the child was approaching or whether they were below and whether they are going to need to do both the SLA and the tutoring or they are going to have to pick one.”

As far as how you will get your child’s score, school leaders say to keep an eye on your email.