MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Eight and nine-year-olds struggle with depression and testing anxiety because of TCAP, and parents across the state are expressing their frustrations over what it’s doing to their children.

One woman says her 9-year-old daughter has never had test anxiety prior to learning about the TCAP. But now it’s at an all-time high.

Haley Whitson says her daughter would call her from the school bathrooms, worrying if she’ll move on to fourth grade with her friends or have to go to summer school.

Another mom says her daughter failed her ELA portion of the TCAP. She had to break the news to her already stressed out 8-year-old child– who’s been experiencing depression and test anxiety for months now.

“Help me make this make sense. She either retests tomorrow, or attends summer school and misses her summer trip to Wyoming. I know I cannot be the only parent disappointed in the state of Tennessee right now,” the mother said.

Retesting starts Wednesday and lasts throughout the final three days of school. Results from those who must retake the test should be in within 24 to 48 hours.

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MSCS will hold its Summer Learning Academies from June 20 – July 19.  Students below ELA proficiency must attend 90 percent of these classes to advance to the 4th grade. That means they can only miss two days total.

MSCS says third-grade parents will not receive report cards on the final day of school, which is Friday.