Music festival camping essentials

Attending a multi-day music festival can be an unforgettable experience, especially if you plan to camp out with a group of friends. Whether it is your first time camping or you’ve slept outdoors countless times, there are must-have essentials to make your time more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Music festivals are fun, exciting and relaxing getaway, which is why setting up your camp spot to be a pleasant home away from home will give you a place to unwind and rest after a busy day. From larger items like tents and sleeping bags to smaller accessories like speakers and chargers, having these top camping necessities will undoubtedly have an impact on your festival experience. 

Essentials for camping at music festivals


Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent

Though it may seem obvious, using a high-quality and adequately sized tent is vital for having an enjoyable campout. The Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent can be easily assembled in minutes and features enough space to fit six adults comfortably. Better yet, it has a mesh porch so you can spend time outside without having to worry about mosquitoes or other insects.

Sleeping pad

Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout

After a long day on your feet wandering between stages, you’ll likely appreciate a cushioned sleeping pad to keep you from laying directly on the hard ground. This budget-friendly Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout is packable and sports a 3.1 R-value, providing warmth even on chilly fall nights.

Sleeping bag

Kelty C0osmic 20 Degree bag

Depending on the location of the music festival, you’ll want to find a sleeping bag that can handle the average nightly temperatures of the region. If you’re looking for a great all-around sleeping bag that will last you several years, the Kelty C0osmic 20 Degree bag is warm enough for cold nights and durable enough for rugged terrain. If you’re looking for a more lightweight, budget-friendly option, consider the highly compressible TETON Sports TrailHead sleeping bag.


Trekology Ultralight Inflatable Camping Travel Pillow

Getting a good night’s sleep will leave you feeling well-rested and energized so you can take full advantage of the day ahead of you. A small inflatable camping pillow will provide that extra comfort so you won’t be left tossing and turning all night trying to find a suitable position.


Eno DoubleNest hammock

When you’re not catching a performance or exploring the festival grounds, laying out in a hammock can create a relaxing atmosphere and can even be used as further sleeping arrangements. As long as you’re in an area with trees, the Eno DoubleNest hammock is simple to set up and can fit two adults without feeling cramped.

Camp chair

Moon Lence Portable Chairs

Whether you utilize a camp chair while listening to music or while hanging out around your tent, it won’t take long for you to appreciate the support and comfort it provides. These Moon Lence Portable Chairs are impressively lightweight but can hold up to 242 pounds each. They also feature mesh side pockets enabling you to store your phone, keys or snacks.

Tent lights

MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights

The fun doesn’t have to end once the sun sets. Bringing along a set of colorful tent lights can spruce up your campsite and light up the area while you cook dinner or chat with friends. The MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights are long-lasting, can recharge using solar energy or a USB connection and can even be used to provide a quick charge to your phone or other electronic devices.

Bluetooth speaker

Soundcore Motion+

Portable Bluetooth speakers, like the Soundcore Motion+ from Anker, are must-have accessories when you want to keep the music going even after the last band has finished up. While you should still be respectful of other campers trying to sleep nearby, the hi-resolution audio and waterproof properties make this speaker functional even during inclement weather.

Portable charger

28W portable solar charger

Depending on how many days you’ll be camping, you’ll want to bring a portable charger with the capacity to recharge your devices multiple times. As long as there is sunshine, choosing a portable solar charger can guarantee uninterrupted power to all your devices. This 28W portable solar charger is waterproof and can even work in partly cloudy weather.


BUFF CoolNet UV+ Adult Multifunctional Headwear and Face Mask

Packing a multi-purpose buff can be a lifesaver when used as sun protection on hot sunny days or worn to keep your head, face and neck warm on chilly mornings and evenings.

Hydration pack

CamelBak Rogue

Carrying a water bottle around all day can quickly become a nuisance, which is why opting to wear a compact hydration pack is a convenient alternative. The CamelBak Rogue can hold significantly more water than a standard bottle while also freeing up your hands. Plus, you can take advantage of the zip pockets to store other essentials.

Camp stove

Coleman Gas Camping Stove

While many music festivals will have food vendors, it can be expensive and time-consuming waiting in line for all of your meals. Those camping out may want to invest in a portable camping stove. The classic Coleman Gas Camping Stove has two burners, so you can make breakfast and heat your coffee simultaneously. Just don’t forget to bring along a portable cookware set.


Igloo 25 Qt BMX Cooler

Anyone who plans on cooking while attending a music festival, or just wants a cold drink, will need to bring a reliable cooler. Igloo BMX coolers have an ice retention rating of up to four days, so you can relax knowing any perishable food is being kept cool and fresh.


Hawaiian Tropic Clear Spray Sunscreen

Unless you’re in your tent or standing in the shade of a tree or pavilion, you’ll most likely be dealing with direct sun. The weightless formula of this clear spray sunscreen is barely noticeable on your skin while still protecting against painful burns and other harmful UV damage.

First aid kit

Adventure Medical Kit

No matter where you plan on camping, having a stocked first aid kit is always important. This waterproof Adventure Medical Kit option is a perfect personal first aid kit containing common medicines and various bandages.

Cleansing wipes

Combat Wipes

If you don’t have access to a shower, using an occasional cleansing wipe can help you feel clean and refreshed even when camping. Combat Wipes are fully biodegradable and contain no synthetic ingredients, making them better for the environment and your skin.


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