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Which blue duvet covers are best?

A duvet cover is the first part of your bedding that people will notice. And if you spend a lot of time on your bed before you turn down the sheets, you’ll especially want something soft and durable — maybe even something that reflects your favorite color.

Blue duvet covers are a popular choice for their classic look. There are many blue duvet covers available, from navy to turquoise to periwinkle. The top pick, the Lauren Ralph Lauren Casey Stripe Duvet Cover Set, features wide navy and cream stripes with a pinstripe pattern on top for a timeless look. 

What to know before you buy a blue duvet cover


The most common fabrics for blue duvet covers are polyester, microfiber, cotton, linen and silk. If you spend a lot of time on top of your made bed, or you toss and turn during the night and throw off the rest of your sheets, it’s especially important to choose a material that’s soft against your skin.

Cotton is a popular all-around choice. It can wrinkle easily, which bothers some people, but otherwise it checks all the boxes. Silk is an elegant upgrade, but it’s harder to clean. If you have a pet who sheds a lot, consider microfiber. It’s the most resistant to dog and cat hair.


Blue duvet covers are available in all of the standard mattress sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king. Keep in mind that measurements can change slightly within these categories, so if you already own a duvet or comforter, measure to make sure your prospective cover will work.

Some people prefer to size down so their duvet or comforter will be snug inside the cover. While not a bad idea in theory, this method leaves you out of luck should your cover shrink after washing.

Color and pattern

Blue is a huge color category that covers everything from light and airy sky blue to deep and elegant navy blue. If you’re looking for a blue-green hybrid, there are also many turquoise or teal models on the market. If shopping online, make sure to click through all of your color options.

Given blue’s association with the ocean and the sky, the most common patterns you’ll find are water and clouds. If you have a bedroom with a nautical theme, or beach-related decor accents, a blue duvet cover should fit right in.

What to look for in a quality blue duvet cover

Matching pieces

Most blue duvet covers come in a three-piece set that includes the cover as well as two pillow shams or pillow cases. These matching pieces help to tie your whole bedding look together.

Keep an eye out for sets that contain even more pieces, like actual throw pillows or bed skirts. “Bed in a bag” kits are also common. These include everything discussed above plus flat and fitted sheets.

Inner ties

No one wants a lumpy sleeping experience. The number one complaint about duvet covers is that it’s easy for the duvet or comforter inside to bunch up. The easiest way to prevent this is by purchasing a duvet cover with ties on the inside corners.

Some covers will have four ties, one on each corner, while other covers will have two ties, across the top. Either way, simply attach your comforter or duvet to the cover with these ties and it should stay firmly in place.

Closure method

The whole point of a duvet cover is to protect your comforter or duvet from dust, hair and oil. You want a cover that closes completely but is also easy to open and close for cleaning purposes.

The closure method of your duvet cover is a matter of preference. Some users prefer the ease of a zipper, while others prefer the more subtle design of snaps or buttons. Buttons and snaps take a lot longer to open and close than zippers, but they won’t tear or catch.

How much you can expect to spend on a blue duvet cover

Prices depend on size, quality and number of pieces in the set. Low-end models are generally $20-$50, but they are likely to have durability issues. Midrange offerings hover around $50-$150. High-end, luxury blue duvet covers can be anywhere from $150-$400.

Blue duvet cover FAQ

How do I prevent my comforter from bunching up in my duvet cover?

A. If your duvet cover has ties on the inside corners, use them. If your duvet cover doesn’t have inside ties, consider sewing them on yourself. It’s fairly simple if you know how to use a sewing machine. Beyond that, make sure you buy the proper size duvet cover for your comforter.

What’s the difference between a comforter and a duvet?

A. All duvets are comforters but not all comforters are duvets. Duvet comes from the French word for down feathers. Duvets are comforters filled with either real down or synthetic down feathers. Comforters can be filled with a variety of other materials like polyester, cotton or wool.

What’s the best blue duvet cover to buy?

Top blue duvet cover

Ralph Lauren Cotton Sateen Border Duvet Cover

Lauren Ralph Lauren Casey Stripe Duvet Cover Set

What you need to know: Classic style with a soft feel from a trusted brand make this navy-and-cream-striped duvet cover an easy top pick.

What you’ll love: It features an attractive pinstripe design. The set includes the duvet and two standard shams. 

What you should consider: This option is a bit pricey when it’s not on sale.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top blue duvet cover for the money

HC Collection 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Duvet Cover Set

HC Collection 1,500 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Duvet Cover Set

What you need to know: This three-piece set gets high marks for comfort and durability.

What you’ll love: This option is available in ice blue or navy and is lightweight with rich color and great quality for the price.

What you should consider: Several users reported receiving damaged sets. Be sure to inspect carefully upon first arrival.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Bedsure 3 Piece Duvet Cover Set

Bedsure 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set

What you need to know: A quality budget-conscious pick available in grayish blue, navy and teal.

What you’ll love: The smart design prevents fill bunching. This is the only set on this list available in twin and California king sizes.

What you should consider: A few previous buyers complain that the material is too thin, especially after several washes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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