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Which phone camera lenses are best?

Smartphones have made some pretty impressive advancements in camera lenses over the years. However, there’s always room for improvement. That’s where a phone camera lens comes into play. What your phone lacks in wide angles, up-close image quality and slow focus can be made up for with a specific lens attachment. Phone camera lenses are great for creating high-quality photography from the convenience of your pocket. 

The best phone camera lens is the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit which has a wide-angle lens for 45% more coverage, a macro lens for up-close shoots and even a mini LED ring light attachment.

What to know before you buy a phone camera lens

Lens types

Three lens types are most popular when it comes to phone camera lenses. First, we have a wide-angle lens, increasing the amount of coverage your original phone lens can view. Next, there’s the macro lens that adds more detail to close-range photos. The third most popular type of lens is the fishbowl lens. This unique lens turns an ordinary photo into a rounded-edge image with slightly distorted edges. While less popular, you can also find telephoto lenses that go the distance for long-range photography.


A good set of accessories can make your phone camera lenses genuinely worth the buy. If you’re buying a set of lenses, you’re going to want to ensure they come with a carrying case to secure and transport all the pieces safely. You’ll also want a soft cloth to clean the lenses when they inevitably get smudged or get debris on them. Some cases also include lanyards that let you carry the case around your neck instead of simply holding it in your hand while you’re trying to shoot. 

Clip-on lenses

Phone camera lenses are clipped on your existing phone using plastic clips. These clips can vary in quality depending on how much you’re willing to fork out and they can make or break a lens. Be sure to read reviews on the lenses you’re shopping for to ensure they come with high-quality clips. Ultimately, you want a clip that’s sturdy and fits snugly against your specific phone type. Remember, built-in phone lenses vary by shape and size, so each attachable lens may not fit. 

What to look for in a quality phone camera lens

Dedicated phone case

Some high-quality lenses have dedicated phone cases that help the lens stay better attached. This is a massive advantage for those that don’t want to remove their phone case every time they want a quality photo. These phone cases work in tandem with the lens to close any light gaps that may appear between your phone lens and the additional lens. If any light makes its way into your actual phone lens, it can cause the image to be less clear. 

Lens options

There are usually two different ways to go when shopping for a phone camera lens. You can buy a less expensive set that includes a wider variety of lenses or you can focus on one singular high-quality lens. Or, if you’ve got the extra money to spend, you can do both. Having lens options is great if you’re a versatile photographer who likes to take wide-angle shots, up-close portraits and experimental fishbowl photos. If you’d rather go the opposite route and purchase a single high-quality lens, you can rest assured you’re going to get clearer and more print-worthy imagery.

LED light

Some detachable phone camera lenses cover the built-in flashlight on your phone. This can be burdensome for any night owl photographer. Thankfully, some lens kits come with LED lights which are ideal for nighttime shoots. These lights are usually in a ring design, making them great for lighting up your surroundings for wide-angle shots. This style of lighting is also suitable for exposing a face during a portrait shoot. 

How much you can expect to spend on a phone camera lens

Phone camera lenses cost anywhere from $26-$130.

Phone camera lens FAQ

Are phone camera lenses easy to use?

A. Yes, phone camera lenses are designed to be used by amateur and hobbyist photographers alike. Therefore, they don’t require expert knowledge to operate. They simply clip onto your existing phone, and with a few adjustments, you’re ready to shoot. 

Is a phone camera lens worth the money?

A. Many phone camera lenses are very affordable. This makes them a worthwhile purchase for those looking to take their phone photography a little more seriously. Once you get comfortable and more experienced, you can always upgrade your phone camera lens to a more expensive version. 

What’s the best phone camera lens to buy?

Top phone camera lens

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

What you need to know: This lens is the bestselling lens due to its high-quality image production and a wide variety of lens styles.

What you’ll love: Along with its lens variety, the Xenvo Pro comes with a mini LED ring light for better nighttime shooting and a travel case to store your lenses. This case includes a quick-release lanyard that lets you access your lens case in a flash.

What you should consider: Some of the lens clips may slide off if they come into contact with another object.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top phone camera lens for the money

Nelomo Universal Camera Lens Kit

Nelomo Universal Camera Lens Kit

What you need to know: Just like the name says, this camera lens kit from Nelomo is universally compatible with smartphones ranging from 7 to 10-millimeters thick.

What you’ll love: This is a very affordable kit, especially considering it comes with three different adjustable lenses, including fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses. There’s also a convenient carrying case and protective cloth to clean your lenses. 

What you should consider: This phone camera lens set may not be compatible with certain tablets.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Moment Tele Lens

Moment Tele Lens

What you need to know: This 58 mm lens can quadruple the zoom and provide extra wide coverage to various devices, including iPhones, Androids, tablets and even laptop webcams. 

What you’ll love:  While you can’t use some phone camera lenses with a phone case, the Moment Tele Lens can be directly attached to the Moment phone cases. They also have a Moment Pro Camera App that gives you more advanced controls. 

What you should consider: This lens is pricier than similar models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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