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Today, we introduce you to a Memphis doctor making a difference in the field of medicine. Dr. Christina Rosenthal is using her personal experiences to build a pipeline of African-American students as young as 2 years old into the medical profession.

She is one of four finalists in our Remarkable Women contest.

Rosenthal is just as comfortable holding class as she is seeing patients in her dentist chair — so comfortable that she’s given up her full-time dental practice to devote more time to the organization she founded: Determined to be a Doctor Someday.

Dr. Rosenthal started the program as a one-time project in 2011 to introduce more young Black students to the field of medicine. It grew from there.

“Determined to be a Doctor Someday holds a symposium every August for those 14 to 18 years old,” said 10th grader Jayden Kyles. “Interested students then join a six-month long program where they participate in medical activities and hear from healthcare professionals about their journeys to becoming doctors. A ceremony and white coat is given to students who complete the course.”

Tenth-grader Kaydence Jones said the program allowed her to learn about many different career paths she can take.

“Now I want to be an obstetrician and gynecologist and now I’m able to see, like, I can work in a hospital. I can own my own practice,” she said.

Rosenthal authored a children’s book called “You Can Become a Doctor, Too,” and then expanded the program to include toddlers.

When she started, Dr. Rosenthal thought if she’d get one student into the medical profession, she’d be happy. The program’s success exceeded her expectations.

“We currently have a student in their first year of dental school year, second year of dental school year, we have Dr. Quodarrious Toney and he’s making a lot of waves nationally for work he’s done on a local rapper,” she said.

Dr. Rosenthal is inspiring students to invest4 in meaningful careers while building a more diverse medical field.

“I’m grateful that I’ve been used as a vessel to pour into others because there were so many that poured into me. It really takes a community for all of us to succeed. And that’s my goal. I just want to see others successful,” she said.

That’s why Dr. Christina Rosenthal is one Remarkable Woman.