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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right words to describe someone, but when friends talk about 33-year-old Mollie Walker, the heartfelt words come easy and with conviction.

“Mollie Walker is the most remarkable woman in this city,” said Lauren Palacios, who wrote an essay to nominate her. “It’s been really incredible to see the work she’s done for so many women and so many families.”

Mollie is an achiever and giver. Her passion is serving and uplifting others.

“I love to do something unexpected, just extra to let people feel like they matter,” Mollie said.

Because people matter, she wears a lot of hats: Collieville city executive at Landmark Community Bank, a member of the Collierville Chamber and the Collierville Rotary Club and woman on a mission.

She feels value in being a wife and proud mom of two children, but also knows the personal heartache of struggling with infertility. She believes God used her pain to become a face of a movement.

“While my journey in infertility lasted for years and I spent thousand of dollars on treatment for this disease, again I could choose to complain about it and do nothing or I can do something,” she said.

Mollie did something. She co-founded Tennessee Fertility Advocates, the support group that creates awareness and advocates for fertility health legislation to become law. They’ve helped a countless number of families with limited financial resources.

“So I can’t help but get emotional, and can’t help but cry and pray and hope God will just bless them in such incredible ways and just use me as he sees fit because that’s what I’m here to do to be his hands and feet,” she said.

Allen Holobaugh and her husband battled infertility before they conceived their daughter. She calls Mollie’s work God-sent.

 “Mollie experience infertility and dedicated so much time to fighting for families.When you’re going through that you don’t feel you can fight for yourself, it’s so amazing to have somebody like her in your corner,” Holobaugh said.

When Mollie isn’t checking on families, talking with lawmakers and making media appearances, you’ll also find her volunteering her time with Collierville ‘cop stops’ honoring first responders, ringing the bell for the Salvation Army and Angel Tree adoptions, donating funds to provide meals to those in need, working with the Genorosity Network and the American Cancer Society.

“Given the year of 2020 and what’s to come in 2021, the unknown, we should all be doing that. It doesn’t take anyone special. I am nothing special,” she said.