MoneyCo USA Faces Suit for Withholding Refunds

(Memphis) A court hearing is set for Thursday afternoon involving Memphis-based tax preparer MoneyCo USA. This after the Missouri Attorney General filed a lawsuit Tuesday naming two St. Louis MoneyCo franchises and Markey Granberry. The AG is asking for a preliminary and permanent injunction against MoneyCo based on allegations of unfair practices and misrepresentation. The suit states MoneyCo misrepresented the total amount […]

Court Documents Show Mo’ Money Behind on Rent

FAST FACTS: Court documents show landlords asking for more than $37,000 in unpaid rent. Mo’ Money was evicted from office on Elvis Presley for non-payment of rent. Some customers continue to wait for refunds. (Memphis)  It looks like business as usual at the Mo’ Money on Austin Peay Highway in Memphis.  A sign reads the office is […]

More Problems for Mo’ Money Taxes

FAST FACTS Company stops working with Mo’ Money taxes in the middle of tax season Company claims it has nothing to do with problems for Mo’ Money Some customers could see another delay in getting refunds Memphis 03/02/2012— Some of those waiting for their tax refunds from Mo’ Money Taxes may have a longer wait […]

We Talk With The Owner Of Mo’ Money Taxes

(Memphis, 2/23/2012) “They done already got they fees out, but can’t nobody seem to tell me where my money at,” says Mo Money customer Margaret Warr. Warr says she’s had it with the fact the no one can seem to find her tax refund. “Call Value Bank, can’t nobody talk to me, I come up […]

Mo’ Money Workers Back After IRS Visit

(Memphis) A day after agents from the IRS Criminal Investigative Division spent an entire day at Mo’ Money, employees were back to work Thursday at the Memphis, based tax prep firm. Several cars were parked outside Mo’ Money’s headquarters on Millbranch Thursday morning. The doors were locked, but employees yelled at our WREG On Your […]

Who’ll Testify at Hearing on Mo’ Money?

(Memphis) After months of customer complaints about late refunds, bounced checks and high fees, Memphis based Mo’ Money taxes will be discussed at a congressional hearing Thursday. The full witness list hasn’t been made public, but don’t expect to hear from Mo’ Money Co-Founder Markey Granberry. He says he doesn’t plan to attend. Four months […]

Mo’ Money’s Granberry: “I’m Not a Thief!”

(Memphis) “I just want to apologize to the customers, to the faithful customers of Mo’ Money, just be patient and wait for the outcome,” says co-founder Markey Granberry. An outcome Granberry seems confident will bear no future problems for his business. “I’m still here, I’m not a criminal, I hadn’t committed any crime, IRS has […]