‘Yellow DOT’ program aims to save lives in roadway emergencies

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Millions of people are expected to hit the roads for the summer months, so we want to remind you all about a potentially life-saving program in Tennessee called “Yellow DOT.”

Anyone can place a sticker in their car window alerting first responders to check the car for a medical information sheet.

“The first responders are gonna see that yellow dot in your windshield, in your rear window, and the first thing they’re gonna do is go to your glove box and pull the card out … and see what kind of vitals they need to look at for your particular situation. And it absolutely saves lives.”

The folder contains critical information about medical history and more.

The Yellow DOT program is free.

You can sign up at various locations throughout the state, including five locations in Memphis. See the list of enrollment sites here, and go here for more information.

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