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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– You’ve heard of Downtown Dining Week but what about Black Restaurant Week?

Community members have decided to showcase African American entrepreneurship and promote local businesses by hosting the first Memphis Black Restaurant Week.

The week will be from March 7-13, and the goal is to get people excited about local restaurants.

“Our specialty niche is savory cupcakes,” said Fran Mosley, with HM Dessert Lounge.

Fran and her husband Casscius Mosley own and operate the HM Dessert Lounge on Madison Avenue.

The couple just opened at their location about three months ago, specializing in food from a very special place.

“Anything that you can think of that would be at your grandmothers table,” said Fran with a smile.

They serve everything from pot roast and baked chicken, to butter rolls and peach cobbler. Their restaurant is their livelihood but they hope to do more than satisfy appetites.

“We hope we can influence others to where they can do the same thing,” said Casscius.

This belief in community and culture is what sparked the idea for Memphis Black Restaurant week for Cynthia Daniels. Working alongside her has been Leslie Smith.

“Through supporting African American businesses you’re supporting small businesses. You’re giving back to the community and bringing some social, economic uplifting to the community,” said Smith.

Other restaurants to be featured are Dejavu, Onix, Evergreen Grill, Mot and Ed’s, Scoops Parlor, the Bistro, and The Office at Uptown.

No coupons are needed and each restaurant will have their own specials.

“It’s a great opportunity to have your lunch meetings there. Get to eat some place where you’ve never eaten before,” said Smith.

The Mosley’s restaurant boasts more than local food but also local art, something they hope inspires everyone and makes an impact.

“Young people as well as older people see people who look like them who are taking that leap of faith and saying, ‘hey, we can–we have the skills to open and run our own businesses,'” said Fran.

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